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Starting out as an online office furniture retailer, Torus has evolved into a global force, seamlessly integrating sourcing, logistics, and retail with cutting-edge software to redefine quality and accessibility. Today, we not only offer top-notch products and services but also share our technology through our open source initiative.

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Our Retail division provides consumers with an unmatched selection of premium quality products at fair prices. Focused on customer satisfaction, we utilize our extensive network and cutting-edge technology to stay ahead of market trends. We ensure that both our physical stores and e-commerce platforms will be your go-to destinations.

B2B and Wholesale

Our B2B and Wholesale division supports businesses of all sizes by providing access to a vast range of products and services at competitive prices. With a commitment to reliability and excellence, we offer seamless supply chain solutions, bulk purchasing options, and tailored support for your projects.

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Our Software division develops cutting-edge solutions designed to enhance efficiency and productivity. Specializing in custom software for commerce optimization, we offer a suite of tools that empower you to sell more with less effort.